Michael Moore Says He Voted For The Black Part Of Obama: Talks 9/11

Michael Moore was on "The View" this week talking about his disappointment with President Barack Obama and the Republican party not working with him.

Moore was quoting from a comedian that "he voted for the black man and we ended up getting the white man."  Maybe not the smartest quote to use.

He also talked about 9/11 and why Osama Bin Ladin should not have been killed but have been put to trial.  That got Elizabeth Hasselbeck worked up.

Michael Moore said he does not know if he is going to vote for Obama but said he would not vote for a Republican. So, I guess he is voting for Obama, isn't he?-DocFB

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Video: Stephen Colbert Shaves His Head

Stephen Colbert debuted his newly shaved head on CNN today making a special appearance with someone in the military who is also a principal and was giving his speech to his students.

President Obama appeared over satellite and ordered Stephen Colbert to get his head shaved.  In front of a roomful of troops and a General, Colbert was not going to back down.  The Colbert Report records in Iraq this week and airs this week, despite reports elsewhere.

Colbert debuts shortly (not just his hair) after the :56 second mark.  He doesn't look as bad with a shaved head as I thought. Stephen's show, the Colbert Report, is filming in Iraq this week to air this week.  Whatever you do, please don't make Jon Stewart shave his head.  He would def look ugly with that look.-Dr.FB