Michael Moore Says He Voted For The Black Part Of Obama: Talks 9/11

Michael Moore was on “The View” this week talking about his disappointment with President Barack Obama and the Republican party not working with him.

Moore was quoting from a comedian that “he voted for the black man and we ended up getting the white man.”  Maybe not the smartest quote to use.

He also talked about 9/11 and why Osama Bin Ladin should not have been killed but have been put to trial.  That got Elizabeth Hasselbeck worked up.

Michael Moore said he does not know if he is going to vote for Obama but said he would not vote for a Republican. So, I guess he is voting for Obama, isn’t he?-DocFB

Diagnosis: Is There Any Sense In Voting In 2012?



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  • Sara
    Posted at 21:40h, 10 January

    I bet he’s voting for Ron Paul!

  • John
    Posted at 20:55h, 16 September

    I think what he refers to with that quote and what most voters wanted was a President who fought harder and tougher for change and did everything possible to implement the change that people voted for.

    Instead we see a President who hold great speeches but is not fighting hard enough to push these things through. He also tends to compromise where gives the other side 98% what they ant and gets 2% of what the majority wants.

    Maybe the power structure, finance sector, Wall Street, military complex, is to much for one man to take on even if he is the President of the US but it is hard to see him being crushed and attacked whenever he tries to take on any special interests.

    Unfortunately anything that would benefit 99% of the people has been blocked by the republican minority in the Senate from day one or watered down.
    See the healthcare bill, (no public option) the finance regulation bill (to many exceptions etc.) Infrastructure investment bills etc. etc.

    Unfortunately Obama still seems to believe that the other party is an honest party that also wants what’s best for the american people when they only care for 1% of the people, the big corporations, Wall Street, Private Prisons and whoever pays for their votes.

    But since we are a free democracy where we have the luxury of voting we have to at least vote for the best option of the two parties that we have to choose from. Same goes for candidates etc. even if no one is perfect at least vote for the one that is the best of the options that you have. Unfortunately Obama does not have a primary challenger but the thought of a President Perry or Bachman etc. should scare the sh*t out of you… therefor we all must VOTE!

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