Jawan Harris

Video Premiere: Jawan Harris “Keisha”

We are going to ignore the fact he is singing about love in high school when he barely looks like he is in junior high. “Keisha” is from Jawan Harris and it has that 90’s hook groove that keeps you. Thr lyric with “Keisha, so glad to meet cha” does make me cringe. I do […]

Rihanna Favorites Chris Brown Protege Jawan Harris’s Video

The Jawan Harris video we premiered over the weekend featuring a cameo by Chris Brown was favorited by Rihanna’s Vevo Youtube channel. Very interesting.  The video is blowing up and should have a million views in a couple of days. Check out the video “Nobody” by Jawan Harris featuring Chris Brown.-Dr.FB

Video Premiere: Jawan Harris “Nobody” Featuring Chris Brown Cameo

“Girl, I want to kidnap you?” All right then. “Nobody” is from new artist Jawan Harris and there are better lyrics than that. Maybe it wasn’t the best lyric to have when Chris Brown is also in the video. Chris is looking cool and happy in the video so not trying to slam him, just […]