Video Premiere: Jawan Harris “Nobody” Featuring Chris Brown Cameo

"Girl, I want to kidnap you?" All right then. "Nobody" is from new artist Jawan Harris and there are better lyrics than that.

Maybe it wasn't the best lyric to have when Chris Brown is also in the video. Chris is looking cool and happy in the video so not trying to slam him, just making an observation.

Check out the video n song above n let me know what you think.-Dr.FB

Comments (2)
  1. Jawan voice sounds a lot like Chris. Good to see Chris. It looks like finally people are letting him move on with his life. He was young and made a big mistake.

  2. I think the video is great. What does his lyrics has to do with Chris? Chris didnt kidnap anyone. I guess you got your one hit from me!!! God Bless you!

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