Video~J*DaVeY “Outta The Window” Funk It Or Dunk It

Here is the new video from J*DaVey entitled "Outta The Window" from their upcoming release "New Designer Drug" which will be released on Warner Bros. Records. 

Helmed by director V-Chip, "Outta The Window" was brought to life through an organic guerrilla-style shoot. "One camera, awesome location, awesome talent and a ton of creativity" explains V-Chip. Originally envisioned as an adventure through an ethereal abandoned carnival, the video took on a new life of its own once the crew discovered a desolate Mad Max-esque setting for the shoot. "In the end this location was so great," says Jack Davey, “All we needed was a camera, a few cool outfit changes, a psychedelic Indian, colored smoke balls and props found in the rubble." The otherworldly spirit of the video did not confine itself to the set, as Jack Davey returned to his car after shooting, only to find the battery drained of all life. "The sun was setting and the demolished buildings eerily lurked around us... it seemed to be the start of a horror flick as we waited for a triple tow truck to find us" recalls Jack. Luckily, J*DaVeY were rescued from the clutches of the shadows, and now Jack and Brook invite you to take a journey into the mirage of the mind with them.

Check out the video above and let us know if you want to "Funk It or Dunk It" in our poll.-Dr.FB

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New Video From J*DaVeY + Free Show Thursday In L.A.

Do you know this band? You should get to know. J*DaVeY describes themselves as "a multi-genre duo whose sound can be described as a combination of alternative hip hop, alternative rock, soul, electronica, fusion, jazz, punk, funk, new wave, and R&B futurists". In other words, don't bother categorizing them. Just enjoy the music!

Check out the new video for their song "Get Together", which was released late last year on their album "Boudoir Synema: The Great Mistapes". You can download the 5 track album for free at jdavey.bandcamp.com.

Plus, if you want to see them live, sign up to see a special performance at the Gibson Showroom in Beverly Hills, CA (9350 Civic Center Dr.) TOMORROW at 9pm (doors open at 8pm)! Just RSVP to Gibson@VIMBY.com for more info and to be included on the guest list. And if you go, be sure to tell us all about it! -Dr.FB

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J*Davey Set To Tour Europe

J*Davey Promotional Photo
J*Davey Promotional Photo

J*Davey Promotional Photo

J*Davey, the genre bending California-based duo are proud to announce an upcoming European tour for the month of April. The tour, which kicks off April 8 in London, will span almost two weeks and feature performances in seven European cities, including stops in Germany, Switzerland, the Netherlands, and more.

Wed-Apr-8 London, United Kingdom Gramophone
Thu-Apr-9 Amsterdam, Netherlands Paradiso
Fri-Apr-10 Bern, Switzerland Dachstock
Sat-Apr-11 Rotterdam, Netherlands Motel Mozaique
Sun-Apr-12 Berlin, Germany Cookies
Fri-Apr-17 Wien, Austria Roxy
Sat-Apr-18 Cologne, Germany Luxor

This should be a cool little tour.-Dr.FB


Video: J*DaVeY SLOOW

Here is the new video from J*DaVeY Sloow from their album THE BEAUTY IN DISTORTION / THE LAND OF THE LOST EP from Interdependent Media / illav8r Musick.

When they are not busy dancing on stage behind Prince on Jay Leno, they are doing their own thing.

What do you think of it?-Dr.FB

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