Joan Jett Talks About Working With Dave Grohl & Why Social Media Sucks!

Joan Jett Photo: DNAInfo.com

Joan Jett has been writing with Dave Grohl on her new album "Unvarnished" and also has explained why some of the mystery of being a rock star is now gone with social media.

In an interview with Rolling Stone, she talked about her new album, her 10th with the Blackhearts, and she gave an interesting look at social media in her eyes.

Rolling Stone: Do you think that a part of social media addiction is that people are learning more about the artist so they can better understand the art?
JJ: No, not necessarily. I just think that there is so much info out there, that people are now used to grabbing as much info as they can on the person that they are looking up to. Whoever is their person, they want to know everything. There used to be something called mystique that was a big part of show business. You always wanted to keep something from people that they wanted to know. When they find everything out about you they go, "OK. I'm moving on to this next person." People devour information.

On working with Dave Grohl:

We did a tour with Foo Fighters down in South America last spring. I wanted to write with Dave for a while. I think he's a great songwriter, but I don't think he does a lot of writing with people outside of the Foos. But he invited me into his studio, and I had an idea for a song, which is "Any Weather," and did it for him. Just the two of us cut it in the studio. He played the drums. I played the rhythm guitar, and I just kind of hummed the melody and sang the chorus. Then he went and put on some bass and lead guitar and rhythm guitar. Then we got whatever crew members were around and had them do some background vocals. It was a really fun thing. I finished the lyrics a little later.

Joan Jett is still a bad ass and a pioneer for women rockers everywhere! She feels the game hasn't changed since though, which is disheartening.-DocFB

Diagnosis: Interesting how "I Hate Myself" sounds like the "Sunday Night Football" song isn't it. If we can't educate you, what good are we?


The Foo Fighters Rock Out With Joan Jett On “Bad Reputation”

The Foo Fighters performed "Bad Reputation" with Joan Jett on "The Late Show With David Letterman" last night.

Joan Jett is still rocking it and I can say the same for Dave Grohl and the boys. Dave though? I'm not sure Joan Jett raided your closet n I doubt you have a guitar like that. I know you are kidding..but yikes!

Joan also joined the boys on stage for their sold out show at Madison Square Garden. Hope you enjoy the clips!-DocFB

Diagnosis: I Love Rock & Roll.....


Dakota & Kristen Attend “Runaways” Premiere

Dakota Fanning & Kristen Stewart.
Dakota Fanning & Kristen Stewart.

Dakota Fanning & Kristen Stewart. Photo: GettyImages.com

Dakota Fanning & Kristen Stewart attended the premiere of their new movie in Los Angeles last night. 

Joan Jett and Cherie Curie also attended the movie last night about them as well.  Jett was on the set for most of the movie for input. 

The premiere was held rather early as it does not open til April 9th.  Promotion for the movie has been well received lately and this early, that is a good sign.-Dr.FB


Dakota Fanning Performs “Cherry Bomb” For The Runaways Movie

Dakota Fanning and Kristen Stewart took on singing for "The Runaways" movie and did the song "Cherry Bomb" for it.

Check out the video for "Cherry Bomb" above along with scenes from the movie and let me know what you think.-Dr.FB


Great Scott Batman! It’s Joan Jett

Kristen Stewart On The Set Of 'The Runaways' wireimage
Kristen Stewart On The Set Of 'The Runaways' wireimage

Kristen Stewart On The Set Of 'The Runaways' wireimage

Tricked ya! It's none other the the stunning Kristen Stewart on the set of 'The Runaways'.  Got to give it to her, she sure does look like the "I love rock and roll'  scarlett. All Kristen needs is to get with Carmen Electra..that would be pure HOTNESS!

Kristen Stewart On The Set Of 'The Runaways' WireImage

Kristen Stewart On The Set Of 'The Runaways' WireImage