“Welcome Back Kotter’s” Horshack Ron Palillo Found Dead At 63

Ron Palillo, who played Ronald Harshack on the hit 70's show "Welcome Back Kotter" was found dead this morning at his Palm Beach Gardens, Florida home. The actor was 63.

He was found by his friend Stacy Sacco around 4:30 a.m.

The death was caused by a heart attack.

According to friends, he has not been sick or ill lately, but it had been reported he had a bad cough and was going to go to the doctor today.

He leaves behind his longtime partner of 41 years Joseph Gramm, who is a retired actor.

Welcome Back Kotter aired from 1975-1979 and was the show that catapulted John Travolta to superstar success. Palillo played Horshack, who was a member of the group called The Sweathogs.

He will forever be remembered as a Sweathog and for going "ooh, ooh, ooh, Mr. Kotter" as his catchphrase on the show.-DocFB


New Francis Ford Coppola Movie “Twixt” Preview Hits The Internets


Francis Ford Coppola's new movie "Twixt" starring Val Kilmer has hit online and I am.....underwhelmed.  Perhaps because it is supposed to be in 3-D.  The ending, it does say "Just you wait, you'll be very surprised" so maybe we will be.

Val Kilmer looks like John Travolta and a little bit like the late great John Ritter in this clip.  This guy used to be Batman?  Maybe he bulked up for the role of a writer. 

We hear that Coppola is going to tour the movie to different movie theatres nationwide where he himself will conduct a Q & A after the film is showed.  Kevin Smith has been doing the same thing with his latest project "Red State" for the past year or so.

Check out the "Twixt" trailer and let us know what you think.-Dr.FB

Diagnosis:  Hungry For Some Peanut Butter Twix


Scene & Heard: Expecting Edition

John Travolta & Kelly Preston are expecting a child.

"It’s impossible to keep a secret … especially one as wonderful as this. We want to be the first to share this great news with everyone that we are expecting a new addition to our family."

Kelly Preston is 47.


Amy Adams gave birth to a baby girl over the weekend.   It was the first child for her and her fiance Darren Legallo.........-Dr.FB


Follow-Up On Travolta Extortion Plot

In a story we have been following somberly, arrests have been made in the Travolta extortion plot. 

Tarino Lightbourn, a paramedic who has been allegedly accused of taking photos of Jett Travolota while in the ambulance was arrested. The police are looking for a "certain document", which we cannot confirm.  He is still in custody.

The Travolta family friend Former Minister of Tourism Obie Wilchombe was released over the weekend and is still claiming innocence in the 25 million dollar extortion plot.

More will be covered on Wed. in court in the Bahamas.-Dr.FB


Extortion Attempt Made On John Travolta & Kelly Preston

John Travolta & Kelly Preston.  Photo: People.com
John Travolta & Kelly Preston.  Photo: People.com

John Travolta & Kelly Preston. Photo: People.com

MSNBC is reporting that two individuals in the Bahamas were trying to extort money from John Travolta & Kelly Preston after their son Jett died.

The Travolta family's lawyers Mike Ossi & Howard Butle issued this statement:

“Regrettably in a time of such terrible grief, there are often a few individuals who attempt to make false claims in hopes of making millions of dollars,” their statement read, according to the Jacksonville Florida Times-Union. “We will never let that happen.”

"We have the utmost confidence in the Bahamian police and government.”

This is just straight sad.  They report one of the extortionists is a politician there.-Dr.FB


John Travolta & Kelly Preston Make Announcement Regarding Son’s Death

This was a statement jointly released by John Travolta & Kelly Preston regarding the death of their son's Jett Travolta:

We would like to extend our deepest and most heartfelt thanks to everyone who has sent their love and condolences.

Jett was the most wonderful son that two parents could ever ask for and lit up the lives of everyone he encountered. We are heartbroken that our time with him was so brief. We will cherish the time we had with him for the rest of our lives. We have received many messages of condolence from around the world and we want to thank everyone for their prayers and support. It has meant so much to us. It is a beautiful reminder of the inherent goodness in the human spirit that gives us a hope for a brighter future.

With love,
John, Kelly and Ella

I have kept personal issues out of this and have not reported on it due to respect for son and the family because of the report the son had Kowasaki's disease and was not autistic even though John admitted he had communication problems.

Other sites can speculate all they want but I will wait for the autopsy report.-Dr.FB