Lady Antebellum Perform “Just A Kiss” On Letterman

"Just A Kiss" is the latest from Lady Antebellum and they performed it on the Late Show With David Letterman. They are total pop country..and I am not saying that as a bad thing.

It was just over 10 years ago since pop country made it's pressence known with Shania Twain and Faith Hill along with a handfull of others. That being said, I dig the song. Just don't ever cover a Prince song ever again. Thank you.-Dr.FB

Diagnosis: They Didn't Mess This Thing Up


Lady Antebellum “Just A Kiss” Video Premiere: Just An Inception Or More?


Lady Antebellum, stick to doing original material like "Just A Kiss" and "I Need You" and your career will go far.  "Just A Kiss" is the latest from the country superstars and is from their upcoming CD "Own The Night" due September 13th.

"Own The Night" will be the groups 3rd CD.   I like videos with storylines, especially storylines that work.  Was it an "Inception" or was it just a dream?

Check out "Just A Kiss" and let us know what you think.-Dr.FB

Diagnosis:  Hmmm


Video: Lady Antebellum Covers Prince’s “Kiss”

After performing "Just A Kiss" last night,  Lady Antebellum covered and performed "Kiss" by Princeat the Country Music Awards (CMT) I liked the girl singing it. Not sure if it should have been a duet.

We have been wondering if Prince likes Lady Antebellum because "Need You Now" was played several times before his 21 Night Stand shows at the Forum

Check out the performance above and see if they did Prince justice.-Dr.FB

Diagnosis: You Don't have To Watch.....Dukes Of Hazzard?