Video: Lady Antebellum Covers Prince’s “Kiss”

After performing "Just A Kiss" last night,  Lady Antebellum covered and performed "Kiss" by Princeat the Country Music Awards (CMT) I liked the girl singing it. Not sure if it should have been a duet.

We have been wondering if Prince likes Lady Antebellum because "Need You Now" was played several times before his 21 Night Stand shows at the Forum

Check out the performance above and see if they did Prince justice.-Dr.FB

Diagnosis: You Don't have To Watch.....Dukes Of Hazzard?

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  1. Didn’t I see these guys playing this at the Marriott down the street? Version = Yawn.

  2. I bet Warner Bros. is happy with this performance. Maybe this is what Prince was talking about when he spoke out against covers. So all Lady Antebellum has to do is get permission from Warner Bros. to play this song right? Hmmmmmm……. and then Warner rakes in more cash when country music fans buy this song. Interesting.

  3. Hmmm. She got a very plain, nasal voice and nobody in the band can dance/move even a little bit. Why cover a dance/funk song if you don’t have any funk inside of you?

  4. Great performance!

    ….and really guys? Racist? You do realize the war wasn’t fought over slavery right? Slavery was the smallest part of the war. Modern history teaches that it was the sole reason but it wasn’t. It makes me sad that people are so ignorant that they blindly believe what their government paid education teaches them and don’t take the time to find out the truth for themselves.

  5. I like Lady A BUT this was sad…….where was the energy!!! I about feel into sleep…..deep deep sleep, until they “took it to the bridge” …was hoping for some wow at the part ……..that was all those 3 guys could do — walk and bob there heads — at that level of goodness and yet so wedding band like — sad : (

    I guess this just proves my point that their is not a person on this planet that can bring a Prince song to life like he can.

  6. I meant;
    I’m sorry but this sounds like something you hear a band at a wedding do.

  7. I’m but this sounds like something you hear a band at a wedding do.

  8. YIKES – I really enjoyed the fat sound of that Les Paul Playing the Funk on that song!

    Thumbs Up on the Choice of Instruments!

    Musgrave – Chicago

  9. This is the sweetest thing ever! Thanks for posting ,doc.

  10. Well I agree with the “A for effort” remark, however my ears were also attacked (kinda feel rape is too strong of a word to joke with). But even though the young lady sang pretty well, she still did not have enough umph for my taste. And although Tom Jones version was kinda campy, his vocal strength always has enough umph! Basically I’ll take Prince’s version any day.

  11. how many country artists does it take to cover one Prince solo? lololol….3 wasn’t enough apparently…back to rehearsals guys

  12. Being a big Prince fan and covering his “Kiss,” I’d say there’s certainly nothing racist about that or about Lady Antebellum. It was a GREAT performance! I felt it! If you didn’t maybe you’re prejudiced against what you consider “country.” Some people need to get over their prejudices toward those who like country music. Good grief, it’s the 21st century! We’re not a bunch of racists any more than blacks are or people who wrongly accuse others of being racist. In fact, I was the single white plaintiff decades ago in a civil rights case in which I stood up for and with 90+ blacks. I think Lady A’s (the artists formerly known as Lady Antebellum) great appeal is international across all music genres. I feel sorry for negative people who can’t appreciate good things. Their lives must be really sad.

  13. Not feeling it … but i guess it was cool for the Country Music fans

  14. That was audial raping of my ears.

  15. i liked it a lot better than Tom Jones version

  16. A country band named “Lady Antebellum” — yeah, there’s nothing racist about that.

  17. That was cute! I totally love her outfit! PRINCE is taking over the world!
    Dr., regarding it being a duet, I think that is a big part of their sound. I agree, not sure of it should have been done as a duet.

  18. I love that Hillary Scott changed into a Princely ensemble for the ‘Kiss’ performance! Very cool.

  19. Well all the funk was drained out of the song. Oof, no likey. I’ll pass on their version but A for effort!

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