Karina Kay

Heather Mills Goes Kate Gosselin On Us

It wasn’t bad enough that i had to run into a mom who had the Kate Gosselin look at at the local Chili’s a couple of weeks ago, but now Heather Mills is wearing it?  Gag! I swear, wasn’t Perez Hilton’s whack self wearing that ‘doo a year or two ago? Now we have to have […]

Disneyland Raises Prices

Starting today, the happiest place on earth, is about to get a little bit more expensive. It will now be $72.00 for adults and $62.00 for kids. That is a daily admission price. A premium yearly pass will now be $429.00 Man, that whole go to Disneyland for free  on your birthday gig, is now […]

All Signs Point To Conrad Murray Taking A Fall

So just how fast is Dr. Conrad Murray about to go down? I say faster than Karina Kay. Dr. Conrad Murray admitted weeks ago to giving Michael Jackson Propofol, the drug that it seems may have killed him. There are reports that Murray gave MJ the drug and then walked away, perhaps falling asleep and […]