Kat Dennings Goes For Broke With Her 2 Girls At Emmy’s

Kat Dennings, star of 2 Broke Girls" went fro broke showing off her 2 girls at the Emmy's. She looked stunning in burgundy with lipstick to match.

I have a feeling I will get more flack for mentioning her lipstick then talking about her "2 Broke Girls".....-DocFB


My It Girl Crush Of The Moment

All This & The Lips Too.  File Photo
All This & The Lips Too.  File Photo

All This & The Lips Too. File Photo

Sigh.  Kat Dennings just make us swoon.  We usually like to be in contol but with someone like Kat, that could change. 

Kat Dennings was straight pleasure in Nick & Norah's Infinite Playlist and at 22, shows no stopping of slowing down with 4 movies slated for release in 2009!  Maybe Josh Hartnett won't squint so much with her as his co-star in End Zone, a college football movie and other projects with Woody Harrelson, Sandra Oh, as well as others.

Face it, we are crushing hard on this 22 year old Gemini right now.  Maybe another trip to see Nick & Norah is in the cards this weekend.-Dr.FB