Kids Choice Awards

Katy Perry Wows At Kid’s Choice Awards

Katy Perry showed up solo to the Kids Choice Awards and looked amazing doing so! The “Firework” singer had a summer look vibe going on. Nout our first choice with a body like that but she kept it summer-like and classy nonetheless. California Girls indeed.-DocFB Diagnosis: New music is on the way!!!

Katy Perry Gets Slimed!~

Best.  Slime.  Moment.  Ever!  Katy Perry got slimed at the Kids Choice Awards on Saturday and it was different than how anyone got slimed before…at least from what I remember. I know what some of you are saying; she is dating Russell Brand so she has been getting slimed like that for some time. Regardless, […]

Adorable Couple Of The Moment: Joe Jonas & Demi Lovato

Joe Jonas & Demi Lavato. Photo:

Ahh.  Young love.  Ain’t it cool?  Joe Jonas & Demi Lavato, whom some in the media have labeled “Jemi” attended the Kids Choice Awards over the weekend. The couple have been spotted everywhere as of late and this red carpet appearance was no different.  She has been lighting up in interviews and has been very happy […]