Gary Clark Jr. Performs “When My Train Pulls In” & “Bright Lights” On Kimmel!

Gary Clark Jr.  Photo: Latisha Alsys For Drfunkenberry.com

Gary Clark Jr. performed on "When My train Pulls In" & "Bright Lights" on Jimmy Kimmel live showing of his guitar and musicianship skills.

Gary also performed a web bonus song of "Bright Lights" for the late night show.

Gary may not be getting the mainstream LOVE but we know talent when we see it.-DocFB

Diagnosis: Like Gary...maybe we shouldn't care....


Demi Lovato Performs “Heart Attack” On Kimmel & DWTS

Demi Lovato Cover

Demi Lovato appeared on Late Night With Jimmy Kimmel where she announced she is returning to X Factor as a judge. She performed "Heart Attack" on Kimmel and Dancing With The Stars as well.

They talked about...well Jimmy did....about Khloe Kardashian not working out as a host on The X Factor.

The segment above was sponsored by Purell. Demi talks about the making of her new album and how she is promoting her album with a broken fibula.

Her is Lavato performing outside of Kimmel for a grip of fans. Her microphone is ON.

Here is a Lovato performing for a studio audience. Her microphone is ON. The backing vocals are on higher on this one though.-DocFB

Diagnosis: #Lovatics