Demi Lovato Remains Mum After Spotted Hooking Up With Ex

Wilmer Valderama & Demi Lovato. Photo: Sam Sharma/Pacific Coast News

Demi Lovato was spotted getting one heck of a smooch from her Ex boyfriend Wilmer Valderama. The “That 70’s Show” hunk has hooked up with everyone from Demi to Lindsay Lohan….and usually, his relationships do not last that long. Demi dated Wilmer shortly before entering rehab last year. Demi and her people refuse to talk about […]

Victoria Justice Caught Kissing Her “BFB”?

Victoria Justice & Ryan Rottman Photo:

We don’t think Victoria Justice was kissing her “BFB” (Best Friends Brother) over the weekend in L.A., but we don’t know if Ryan Rottman is her BFB. The actress/singer who has a hit with “BFB” was in L.A., taking a break from filming “Fun Size” with Chelsea Handler, who plays her mom in the film […]

What’s Up Doc? Gaga Takes From Madonna Edition

Welcome to this weeks edition of What’s Up Doc? the Gaga takes from Madonna edition. This week, we cover Gary Coleman, Lady Gaga, Madonna, Katy Perry, Sandra Bullocks kiss with Scarlett Johansson, Lindsay Lohan and her SCRAM Bracelet and more.  “Last night I dreamt of San Pedro…or was it Alejandro?”  Hope you enjoy it and […]

Lady Gaga Gives Us The Right Finger

Lady Gaga. Photo:

Lady Gaga attended the New York Mets game where they beat the San Diego Padres.  She appeared to be upset at the paparazzi (Ironic, eh) taking her photo and gave them the finger.  But a few innings later, Gaga used it to her advantage making out with a girl and playing up tho the cameras. […]