“Just Chill” New Video By Travis Barker, Beanie Sigel, Bun B, Kobe

Here is “Just Chill” the latest music video by Travis Barker, Beanie Sigel, Bun B, & Kobe. I am digging the beat. The drummer for Travis Barker is doing his own thing n providing the live beat for Beanie & others. Check out “Just Chill” by Travis and the boys.-DocFB Diagnosis: Rolling Down Sunset With […]

Lady Gaga Does Kobe! Video~

Lady Gaga performed in Kobe, Japan on Wednesday. What? Did you think this was video of Lady Gaga doing Kobe Bryant? Tsk. Tsk. Have to love misleading titles. Kind of surprised of the shaky camerawork because Japan always the latest technology.  The other clip I found, the camerawork was better but the sound was bad.  […]

As Tiger Woods Announces Return To Golf, So Do Fans

As Tiger Woods announced his return to Golf and The Masters, ticket prices went through the roof even more than they were when it was just speculation that Tiger would return. The tickets, which are normally $200 are going for about $2 grand in some circles.  CBS, which carries The Masters is breathing a sigh […]