Lady Gaga Does Kobe! Video~

Lady Gaga performed in Kobe, Japan on Wednesday. What? Did you think this was video of Lady Gaga doing Kobe Bryant? Tsk. Tsk. Have to love misleading titles.

Kind of surprised of the shaky camerawork because Japan always the latest technology.  The other clip I found, the camerawork was better but the sound was bad. 

Regardless, watch Lady Gaga performing "Bad Romance" and tear it up as only she can.-Dr.FB

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  1. That person was fulla jiggle & who can blame them? I’m going to see her in London, can’t waiteeee!

  2. I think the camera is so shaky because of the fact they are standing in a crowd trying to record with everyone moving. Would love to see her but the tickets for her London shows have gone up alot since she was last here so dont think I can now afford it.

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