L.A. Premiere

Donnie Wahlberg Doing Double Duty!

Donnie Drfunkenberry Exclusive Photo: twitter.com/hellohouston

If you think Donnie Wahlberg is everywhere, you would be right.   Right after filming his TV show “Blue Bloods” he took off on tour with NKOTBSB (That’s New Kids On The Block & The Backstreet Boys for those still living in 1991.)  Donnie also filmed “Zookeeper” with Kevin James as it shot in Boston.  The movie premiere […]

Ashley Greene Is The Lady In Red

Out of all the stars who attended the New Moon premiere and the cast itself, no one and I mean no one looked more amazingly beautiful than Ashley Greene.  The New Moon hottie was wearing a red dress that fit her so well, you think that the Chris De Burgh “Lady In Red” song was […]

Kristen & Robert Get Together After Premiere

We told you at the New Moon Premiere that Kristen Stewart & Robert Pattinson did not appear together but we knew either inside or at an after party, they would end up together, and we were right.  Kristen made a quick change out of her dress to be more comfortable while Robert stayed in his suave […]

Johnny Depp: Public Enemy #1 In L.A.

 The red carpet was rolled out for Johnny Depp for the L.A. Premiere of “Public Enemies” and he was looking cool as ever. Will Public Enemies have the juice to be #1 at the box office next week knocking off Transformers 2, which is bound to be number 1 this week?  We have a pretty […]