Freezerburn! Lana Del Rey Releases Video For “Shades Of Cool”

Lana Del Rey  Photo:  H&M

Lana Del Rey has released a new video for her single "Shades Of Cool" from her new album "Ultraviolence" released this week!

We hear the new album is kind of depressing but at least this song has life.-DocFB

Diagnosis: Ultraviolence is on pace to sell 175,000-200,000 and still may not be enough for number 1. Remember when NSYNC could sell 2 million in a week? Yea, those days are gone.


New Lana Del Rey Video For “Summertime Sadness” Watch Now!

Lana Del Rey  Photo:  H&M

Lana Del Rey has released a video for "Summertime Sadness" from her "Born To Die" album.

The video is shot like an old school home movie yet again.

I am somewhat unsettled by her looking over the ledge of a bridge and then jumping, especially with a title like "Summertime Sadness"...but maybe I just don't get it.-DocFB

Diagnosis: It gets better......


Lana Del Rey Stuns In “Young & Beautiful” Video From “The Great Gatsby” By Sophie Muller

Lana Del Rey Photo: GettyImages.com Lana Del Rey Photo: GettyImages.com

Sometimes, all you need is the singer with an orchestra for a song like Lana Del Rey's "Young & Beautiful" video clip from "The Great Gatsby". the movie's theme song.

Why is this video so dang good? Well Chris Sweeney was the video director and Sophie Muller shot it. No Doubt Fans should know Sophie's work and she has made incredible videos with the band before.


Diagnosis: Miguel and Mariah take note; this was the video your duet deserved!


New Lana Del Rey “Young & Beautiful” From “The Great Gatsby” Soundtrack! Listen Now!

Lana Del Rey  Photo:  H&M

Fresh on the heels of her cover of "Summer Wine" is the new Lana Del Rey song "Young & Beautiful" from "The Great Gatsby" Soundtrack!

The song is co-written by Rick Nowels and is the theme song to the movie. The soundtrack will be released on May 7th.

The soundtrack also features Florence & The Machine's "Over The Love" which is a previous DrFunkenberry Jam of The Week.

It also features songs by Beyonce and Fergie. The soundtrack is produced by Jay-Z. So far, he is doing a great job.-DocFB

Diagnosis: If the movie is half as good as the songs, it is going to be amazing!


Lana Del Rey Covers Sinatra In New Video “Summer Wine”

Lana Del Rey  Photo:  H&M

In Lana Del Rey's new video "Summer Wine" that features her boyfriend Barrie-James O’Neill covers the Nancy Sinatra classic.

Barrie-James leads his own band Kassidy. The Sinatra classic is from 1967 where the crooner dueted with Lee Hazelwood. Some blogs who are not doing their research are crediting it as a FRANK SINATRA song, which is not true.

The video clip is quite homemade to get that old-school feel to it.

Above is the Nancy Sinatra original.-DocFB

Diagnosis: Lana & O'Neill do the cover justice....


Lana Del Rey’s 10 Minute Video “Ride” Lands On Must See Video List

Perhaps taken a page from Guns N Roses, one of Lana Del Rey's all-time favorite bands, Rey has released another stunner of a video, this time for "Ride" and within it, releases a long-form music video.

The storytelling video is being released in promotion for "Born to Die: Paradise Edition" that will be released on November 13th.

We wonder if the singer will go on Saturday Night Live again to make up for her for performance last year that made many think she was a flash in the pan. So far, it looks like they were wrong.

If you haven't already, check out the video for "Ride" above.-DocFB

Diagnosis: In studio; amazing. Her live act is getting there....


Lana Del Rey Has Her Fashion Sights Set On H&M Fall Collection

Lana Del Rey is the face of H&M's Fall Collection 2012 and from the looks of Rey, she is taking it quite seriously.