Leg Drop

Report: Miguel Claims Billboard Producers Never Warned Him About Jump

OK. Should we be calling this Miguel-gate or “Leg Drop” central? We clearly need a name for this. Miguel has stated through his reps that Billboard producers never warned him not to jump during his performance, contrary to what they have stated. Miguel made the jump twice in rehearsals and his people claim that Billboard […]

Report: Miguel Warned By Billboard Producers Not To Jump Into Crowd

Miguel was warned by producers of the Billboard Music Awards during rehearsals not to jump into the crowd. Miguel did it anyway and ended up “leg dropping” a girl who is now claiming brain damage and could be suing Miguel. Khyati Shah is the fan who was injured. Her lawyer Vip Bhola is upset with […]

Uh-Oh! Miguel “Leg Drop” Victim Claiming POSSIBLE “Brain Damage”

The fan that Miguel leg dropped at the Billboard Music Awards is claiming she may have brain damage, according to her lawyer. The victim, Khyati Shah, is telling the lawyer as well that she is having persistent medical issues. They are awaiting neurological test results and after that will decide if she will file a […]

Uh-Oh! Miguel Might Be Sued By Girl He “Leg Dropped” At Billboard Awards!

It looks like Miguel may be getting sued for his jump that turned into a leg drop on the Billboard Music Awards. The girl who Miguel leg dropped, Khyati Shah, is now considering legal action against the singer, according to E! News. According to Shah’s attorney, she has been experiencing “difficulties” since the performance. E! […]