Report: Miguel Warned By Billboard Producers Not To Jump Into Crowd

Miguel Screen Cap: TheSportsCourier.com

Miguel was warned by producers of the Billboard Music Awards during rehearsals not to jump into the crowd. Miguel did it anyway and ended up "leg dropping" a girl who is now claiming brain damage and could be suing Miguel.

Khyati Shah is the fan who was injured. Her lawyer Vip Bhola is upset with Miguel and Billboard for the attention she received, only getting an ice pack for her elbow and was not even taken to the hospital for evaluation.

Shah is waiting for neurological tests that she took to come back before filing the lawsuit. That should be sometime next week.

Billboard reaching out to outlets such as TMZ to say they warned him is protecting them, leaving Miguel libel for a lawsuit.-DocFB

Diagnosis: Billboard puts Miguel on the spot....

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  1. If the singing thing doesn’t workout, the UFC is always looking for new talent.

  2. Way 2 GO MIGUEL. Should NOT have jump into the crowed and ALL this wouldn’t be going on right now. NOW U pay for the consequences of U’re action.

  3. That was dumb. He should have told himself!

  4. He needed to just sing the song, say thank you when done and get off the stage, imo…

  5. i knew he would get sued.

  6. Not everyone can do it…

  7. ROFL!!! Still funny! (Aside from the poor fan)

  8. Kwaaaaa.

  9. He should have listened. This was the Billboard Awards═Á not Wrestlemania.

  10. he’s gonna be “steeped” (like a tea bag) in legal action.

  11. saw that coming… She’s gonna nail him now. Poor guy.


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