Uh-Oh! Miguel “Leg Drop” Victim Claiming POSSIBLE “Brain Damage”

Miguel Screen Cap: TheSportsCourier.com

The fan that Miguel leg dropped at the Billboard Music Awards is claiming she may have brain damage, according to her lawyer.

The victim, Khyati Shah, is telling the lawyer as well that she is having persistent medical issues. They are awaiting neurological test results and after that will decide if she will file a lawsuit.

Vip Bhola, Shah's lawyer, attacked Billboard by saying they gave a pathetic gesture by just giving her an ice pack after Miguel slammed into her.

Miguel has been silent on Twitter and Billboard has yet to make a formal announcement.-DocFB

Diagnosis: Wait for results or settle?

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  1. Man NO WORDS can even begin to describe this incident I myself have seen the video footage and ALL I can say is this is Sad and heartbreaking to see that possible a fan is injured for life. Will have to see how this ALL pans out for Miguel and Khyati Shah.

  2. Brings a whole new meaning to the term “one hit wonder,” doesn’t it?! Wahahaha! I guess this guy had two “hits” though, ‘eh? LOL … crazy stuff. Maybe it was staged — I never heard of this guy until this incident. It was viral almost immediately.

  3. I love that he didn’t stop with his performance either or at least personally got her up to make sure she was alright. I’ve watched the clip over and over, two girls were impacted and they are seen to have been forced to duck down to hide their “pain.” What is the world coming to?

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