Pearl Jam Perform “Sirens” On Late Night With Jimmy Fallon!

Pearl Jam Lightning Bolt

Peal Jam has the number one album with "Lightning Bolt" and performed "Sirens" their latest single, on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon last night.

Unlike performances on Fallon lately, this one was not available on YouTube, so any of our overseas visitors, you might have trouble watching the video.

The performance of "Sirens" is quite bad ass and the band will be back on tonight to perform again. Although it is "Pearl Jam" week on Fallon, they are only performing last night and tonight and had others doing covers of their songs.-DocFB

Diagnosis: Still cool. Still relevant. Still can kick your ass...


Pearl Jam Announce New Album “Lightning Bolt”; Release New Single “Mind Your Manners”

Pearl Jam Lightning Bolt

Pearl Jam will be releasing their new album "Lightning Bolt" on October 15th. Their new single "Mind Your Manners" is available now.

"Lightning Bolt" will be the band's 10th album and will be released on the band's own label Monkeywrench.

"Mind Your Manners" has Eddie Vedder singing protest lyrics as only he can.

To listen to the new Pearl Jam song, click here....