Limp Bizkit Returns With Lil Wayne “Ready To Go” Watch Now!

Lil Wayne & Fred Durst Of Limp Bizkit Photo: RollingStone.com

Limp Bizkit is tearing it up again like it was 1999 again. You know, when Bizkit ruled the charts. On the new video for "Ready To Go" Lil Wayne joins them!

Aside from the beard, Fred Durst looks and sounds the same.

For the new Bizkit and Lil Wayne video, click here....


Music Prescription Of The Week! Nicki Minaj & Lil Wayne Heat Things Up In “High School” Video! Watch Now!

Lil Wayne & Nicki Minaj High School Video Still

Nicki Minaj has released the video to "High School" which features her getting hot & heavy with her mentor, Lil Wayne. It is our "Music Prescription Of The Week" formerly our Jam Of The Week!

The video also features Birdman along with Minaj & Wayne and is directed by Benny Boom.

Minaj shows her stuff yet again in a pink bikini....yet again. She also is wearing a yellow neon bathing suit with her cheeks hanging out. Minaj also wears a machine gun-bullet top as well, because I'm sure it is very comfortable.

Wayne appears rapping by the pool and is only sagging a little bit with the trunks on.

Minaj is looking fine in the video and either I'm listening to too much Lil Wayne lately, but I can actually understand his rap and flow a little easier, even if it dyke this n dyke that. Maybe he was rapping about a new pair of shoes. Nah...pretty sure he said dyke. Sigh. Still, his flow is getting better...at least to me.-DocFB

Diagnosis: This isn't high school, 90210 or otherwise...


Lil Wayne Tweets He Is OK, Not Dying

Lil Wayne has just taken to Twitter to that he is OK and not dying, despite reports stating he is on his death bed.

Wayne has been having several seizures of late and TMZ reported the rapper is close to his death bed.

It took him a while to tweet because he was watching a basketball game. There will be those that think it was one of Wayne's people who sent the tweet. Time will tell but it looks like story may be false.-DocFB

Diagnosis: Whatever you think...is true.


Lil Wayne Reportedly Close To Death; His Camp Is Denying Story

Lil Wayne File Photo

It was reported a short time ago that Lil Wayne was close to death and being given his last rites. His camp has been denying this story feverishly, to where the reports are now saying he is in critical condition instead of being given his last rights.

TMZ, famous for reporting on Hollywood celebrity deaths and getting people coming out of restaurants, was the first to report the story.

Wayne has been having several seizures lately. We know that much is true.

TMZ is still reporting that Wayne was put into an induced coma and tubes are keeping him alive.

Mack Maine, one of Wayne's crew members is denying anything TMZ is saying.

Maine has deleted several tweets in the past hour and although he says Wayne is next to him watching the game, Wayne has yet to tweet himself that he is OK. They say he is too busy watching the game to tweet..but guess Maine isn't that busy.

Straight up....someone is lying.

We will keep you updated as the story progresses....-DocFB

Diagnosis: Time will tell....


Will.I.Am & Britney Spears Release “Scream & Shout” (Remix) Amid Controversy

Britney Spears & Will.I.Am.  Photo Cap: HipHopWired.com

Will.I.Am & Britney Spears have released "Scream & Shout" Remix featuring Hit Boy, Waka Flocka Flame, Lil Wayne & Diddy. Some are claiming that it is not actually Britney at all on the track.

It is not like Britney is singing exactly. I think it is a testament to Will's production that people don't think it is Britney on the song.

Rappers still rapping "Yolo" and the production value of the video is not really up to Will's usual level. Aside from Diddy saying "bitch" like he just created it, he makes sure you see his Ciroc in the video. Lil Wayne says he has a bad memory so we have a feeling he already forgot appearing in this video.

Will.I.Am has got his street cred back by appearing with these rappers. Now, let's just keep Will to doing his own stuff and focusing on the beats and the party atmosphere that upsets people over 35 and keeps the people under 25 happy.-DocFB

Diagnosis: Britney is cool but acting like Fergie makes me miss Fergie.


Taylor Swift Tops Billboards Biggest Earners List

Taylor Swift Grammys
Taylor Swift Grammys

Taylor Swift. Photo: GettyImages.com

Taylor Swift topped the Billboard Biggest Earners list, pulling in $35.7 million from album sales and songwriting royalties. She pulled in another $88.5 million from her "Speak Now" tour.

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Video: Nicki Minaj Joins Lil Wayne And Birdman For “Y. U. Mad.”

Birdman has released a new video for "Y. U. Mad" featuring Nicki Minaj and Lil Wayne.

Minaj claims she is the female weezy and we actually think she is bigger in pop culture than Weezy right now, but that is a subject for another day.

For now, check out "Y. U. Mad" with Minaj, Wayne, and Birdman.-DocFB

Diagnosis: Either my hearing is getting better or I can actually understand what Wayne is saying.