Lindsay Slowhands

Video: Pitbull Featuring Ne-Yo “Give Me Everything” MTV VMA Performance

Pitbull and Ne-Yo brought it with their performance of “Give Me Everything” at the MTV Video Music Awards. They didn’t do anything too over the top and it may not be memorable down the line, but it shows the crossover appeal of Pitbull that will be happening for a while. Pitbull still kept the line about […]

Lindsay Lohan Terrorizes New York

In honor of 9/11, Lindsay Slowhands Lohan is in New York to make sure you never forget terror. I kid I kid. But home-girl looked like she was constipated as hell while shopping in Soho yesterday. Her orange skin is def out of place in the NYC for sure. We can only imagine she is […]

Lindsay Lohan Wants You To Look At Her Chi Chi’s, Not Her Face. Ok!

Lindsay Slowhands Lohan went to work out earlier this week and wanted to make sure you were paying attention to her not wearing a bra instead of focusing on her face.  So, I am obliging. Am I wrong? If she didn’t, she woulda pulled her sweater over her puppies and suffacted covered them.  We heard […]