Rocker Says Madonna Is “Not Appropriate” For Super Bowl

Madonna & Gene Simmons.
Madonna & Gene Simmons.

Madonna & Gene Simmons.

Two days since the "official" confirmation of Madonna performing at the Super Bowl, some people are speaking out against her being chosen.

Rocker and KISS frontman Gene Simmons was asked by TMZ about Madonna being chosen as the Super Bowl halftime show act and he was not pleased.

"I love all karaoke singers. "I like all the girl singers who get up and sing with tapes. Shame on you. You've got to have some integrity.  "I don't care what your music is. Have some integrity -- be real or full disclosure before the fact. Hold up a sign saying, 'Seventy percent of what you hear is fake. It's a tape. I'm a karaoke singer.' Say it!'

"She isn't"appropriate" for the halftime show."

Interesting.  As we told you months ago, Madonna was goign to be the Super Bowl act. You would figure someone saying Madonna was not appropriate for the Super Bowl, it would be about her clothing and another Janet Jackson incident, not her music.

What do you think?  Does Gene Simmons have a point that Madonna will lip synch the Super Bowl and not perform live?-DocFB

Diagnosis:  Very interesting stance by Gene......


Lady Gaga: I Will NEVER Lip Synch

Lady Gaga File Photo
Lady Gaga File Photo

Lady Gaga File Photo

Another reason to like Lady Gaga is that she refuses to lip sync.  Her microphone is on 'allSo if some fan jumps on stage with her, you will hear the scream instead of just seeing it. 

We dig it.  I mean she gives you all those crazy outfits and theatrics and still sings live unlike others who hide behind the crazy outfits and theatrics.  There is a conversation going on about how original she is, at least we know her microphone is on babies.-Dr.FB