Jason Mraz Talks New Album & Penis Jackets With Chelsea Handler

Chelsea Handler seemed a little surprised with Jason Mraz and his bandanna at first, but seeing how deep the singer is, and the talk of penis jackets and weed, she took a liking to him.

Jason gives away the trade secret of being the person who pisses off his lover but switches it around to him being the victim.

The talk soon switched to Jason's tour  manager/manager of integrity and here wearing a penis jacket.  Not only was it a penis jacket, it  was bedazzled.

Believe it or not, it is all about the laws of attraction.  Check out the clip above as Jason also talks about his number 1 CD "Love Is A 4 letter word" and how much weed he smokes.  Don't worry, he is a vegetarian so it makes it ok.  Cough. Cough.-DocFB