Chris Brown & Rihanna’s Friends: “You Can’t Hold Back Love”

Chris Brown and Rihanna’s friends say that the ex couple is very close to hooking up again, despite Brown having a current girlfriend…and the whole beating thing. The story being sent to us and several media outlets is that the friends are “scrambling” to keep the couple apart.  Rihanna wants to take Chris back…despite the beating 3 […]

Jennifer Lopez Speaks: “The Marriage Was Not Right”

Jennifer Lopez Vanity Fair Cover Photo: VanityFair.com

Jennifer Lopez is opening up in the latest issue of Vanity Fair with her on the cover.  She speaks about her marriage saying “It was not right” and how she still believes in love and marriage and that it was her biggest dream to make the marriage work. Jennifer spoke candidly about the marriage and […]

Lady Gaga Performs “Edge Of Glory” On Howard Stern

  Lady Gaga was on the “Howard Stern Show” earlier today and she performed “Edge Of Glory” her latest single. It is a really good performance of the song by Lady Extravaganza. It’s a pretty cool performance done on piano only.  She talks about the song being about her grandfather…and a little shout out to tequila. […]

Michael Jackson Jokes About Touring

Here is Michael Jackson joking around about hating to tour, and then when the cameras are really supposed to be on, talking about how he loves to tour. Check it out above.-Dr.FB