Lady Gaga Fires Her Manager; Set To Host & Perform On SNL

A week before her album is released, Lady Gaga has fired her manager. Her former manager is stating that they parted ways. So in other words, fired. Troy Carter was there when Gaga launched her career and saw her career explode. We wonder how soon until Carter files a lawsuit against Gaga. In other Gaga […]

Paula Abdul Not In Talks With American Idol

Paula Abdul’s manager spoke yesterday to let people know she is not in talks with American Idol or Fox to return to the show. Fox is getting panels together to see what people think of the guest judges  of Victoria Beckham, Shania Twain, Mary J. Blige, Katy Perry and Joe Jonas and how Paula not […]

Boom Boom Pow! Perez’s Story Changes Now

Short update on the Perez Hilton assault story by Wil I Am. After 8 hours, Perez released a video saying it was the Black Eyed Peas manager who attacked him. But for 8 hours he said it was Wil I Am on his twitter account. Why the change? Because he knew it would not b […]