Michelle Williams Talks About Misconceptions Of Marilyn Monroe

Michelle Williams was on The Tonight Show this week talking about her role in "My Week With Marilyn" and her playing Marilyn Monroe.

It is pretty interesting until Leno has to point out that Michelle is obviously younger than Marilyn. Um, yea man. We know.

Regardless, it also talks about her staying in character as Marilyn while making the movie and Leno asks if she tried to pick up men as Marilyn? Wowsa, dude.  Seriously?

Check out the clip of Michelle.-DocFB

Diagnosis: Will Michelle walk away with the Golden Globe?


Really? The Hottest Woman Of All Time Is……

Jennifer Aniston File Photo
Jennifer Aniston File Photo

Jennifer Aniston File Photo

Mens Health just released their votes for the hottest woman of all time and it is one of your "Friends", so to speak.

Jennifer Aniston was voted number 1 hottest woman of all time, according to the readers of Mens Health Magazine.

They put Marilyn Monroe at number 3 and Madonna at number 5 so the list is all over the place.  Just in case you were wondering....Angelina Jolie is number 10.

You can check out the full list HERE.

I am going to stay out of this for now...but what do you all think of the list?-DocFB

Diagnosis:  You know whoever is dating the doc is the hottest woman of all time.  What?


Angelina Jolie & George Clooney Hook Up

Angelina Jolie & George Clooney. Photo: Examiner.com
Angelina Jolie & George Clooney. Photo: Examiner.com

Angelina Jolie & George Clooney. Photo: Examiner.com

I am so loving this!  George Clooney and Angelina Jolie will be starring in a movie together where George will play Frank Sinatra and Angelina will play Marilyn Monroe.  Wow.

The title of the movie is not so hot; “The Life and Opinions of Maf the Dog, and of His Friend Marilyn Monroe.” Movie title will be changed before ever released.  Count on it.

We can't guarantee the TMZ story of George proposing to girlfriend Elisabetta Canalis over the weekend, but we can def say this movie will be hotness!

What do you think of Angie n George in a movie together?-Dr.FB


Jennifer Lopez Surprises George Lopez For His Birthday!!~Video

Jennifer Lopez put on her Marilyn Monroe last night when singing "Happy Birthday" to Mr. Lopez last night.

Check out the hotness and George's response.-Dr.FB


Britney Spears List of Demands While In London

Britney Spears In Boston.  Photo: Matthew West
Britney Spears In Boston.  Photo: Matthew West

Britney Spears In Boston. Photo: Matthew West

Britney Spears will be performing at the O2 Arena in London next month at the  Dorchester Hotel and her list of hotel requests has leaked.  What are they?

  • A room that has "never" been smoked in at all.
  • Humidifiers in all areas.
  • A selection of the latest magazines.
  • A fresh selection of flowers that she will then arrange herself.
  • DVDs of her favorite Marilyn Monroe movies.
  • Books. Ideally, topical chick lit novels.
  • Lighting must be 100 watt bulbs - no low lighting.
  • Running routes for nearby Hyde Park. Also, horse-riding opportunities.
  • A list of different routes to the venue from the hotel to keep the paparazzi at bay.
  • Hmm. In all honesty, not too bad, not too freaky at all.  Her bodyguards will sleep outside her room.  No requests for Cheetos or other snacks.  The list is rather boring so for Brtiney, that is a surprise.-Dr.FB


    Lindsay Inks Monroe Quote On Her Wrist

    L. Lohan www.newyorkmagazine.com
    L. Lohan www.newyorkmagazine.com

    L. Lohan www.newyorkmagazine.com

    As we reported last week, Lohan was spotted at The Shamrock Tattoo Parlor on Sunset, but no one knew what she had inked on her....until now :)

    Lohan got a Marilyn Monroe inspired tattoo.  Does this have something to do with her Monroe photo shoot or her break up with Ronson? Humm....

    It says, " Everyone's a star and deserves the right to twinkle". The new ink is surrounded by yellow, blue and green stars.

    Break ups and tattoos,  Hollywood's new obsession?