Maya And Nandy McClean

Sad News As The Twinz Mother Mo Has Passed Away

The Twinz & Maureen Gwendaline Moseley

The Twinz, Maya and Nandy McClean, lost their mother, Maureen Gwendaline Moseley. The Twinz released this statement regarding her passing; “As you all know she was our favorite person in the world and we loved her with all our hearts. She was a true living example of unconditional love!!! Larry Graham’s wife Tina Graham said […]

Video: The Twinz Get Splanked For George Lopez!

  They are planking for peace…and splanking for….fun?  The Twinz, Prince’s dancers and master plankers are taking on the new form of planking.  Splanking! It is exactly like it sounds and I bet you wish you could do the splanking but the Twinz are so disciplined, they can do it themselves…to themselves. Maya and Nandy have Donielle Artese and Ann […]