James Avery, “Uncle Phil” On “Fresh Prince” Dies At 68

James Avery File Photo

James Avery, who played 90's TV dad "Uncle Phil" on "The Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air" has passed away. He was 68.

Alfonso Ribeiro, who played his son Carlton on the show, made the announcement of Avery's passing on his Facebook page this morning.

Avery had undergone surgery recently for an undisclosed illness and he passed away in an L.A. hospital last night.

His wife was by his bedside, but went to get something to eat, and when she returned, Avery had died.

For a lot of people, what Bill Cosby was to family comedies in the 80's, Uncle Phil was just as much important to 90's kids when it came to a father figure on television. He will be sadly missed.-DocFB

Diagnosis: There went holding out hope for a Fresh Prince reunion. I hope you are no longer in pain James. Much Love...Always...


Legend Lou Reed Passes Away At 71

Lou Reed Photo: MagnetMagazine.com

Lou Reed has passed away at the age of 71. He was the lead singer of the iconic 60's group The Velvet Underground and a rock pioneer on his own right as a solo performer.

Rolling Stone broke the story. There is no cause of death right now and the only thing that has been reported by RS is a liver transplant back in May and him ended up in the ER a month later due to the transplant.

Lou's importance to music just cannot be covered in simple writing. It was a movement and he was part of it. Up and coming NY rockers would kill to have the importance of The Velvet Underground. They may not have been best sellers according to charts but what they did do was perfection.

The NY Daily News has recent photos of Lou if you care to check them out.

"Talk A Walk On The Peaceful Side" someone posted. I agree.-DocFB

Diagnosis: Brookylyn's finest.


Sad News As The Twinz Mother Mo Has Passed Away

The Twinz & Maureen Gwendaline Moseley
The Twinz & Maureen Gwendaline Moseley

The Twinz & Maureen Gwendaline Moseley

The Twinz, Maya and Nandy McClean, lost their mother, Maureen Gwendaline Moseley.

The Twinz released this statement regarding her passing;

"As you all know she was our favorite person in the world and we loved her with all our hearts. She was a true living example of unconditional love!!!
Larry Graham's wife Tina Graham said it best, "She's there".
To us "there" is a place we all strive to get to. Of being loving, caring, giving, and gracious. To live how all the greats teach us to live, a life of service to others."

From someone who would see Mo, their mom, at events always with a smile on her face and a dance in her step, this is hard and sad.  I can only imagine what it is like for the Maya and Nandy.  Maureen took ill last year during Prince's 21 Nights Forum run, and it seemed like she was on the road to recovery.  Their mom took ill again and were in Australia to be with her.

Maureen would house homeless children, about 200 in her lifetime.  The Twinz also shared this;

"She brought us up telling us to "follow your dreams" and that "anything is possible, just trust in the universe". She allowed us the freedom to be any expression that we wanted to be and loved us unconditionally. We used to call her "The best mom in the whole wide world", and she called us" the best little girls in the whole wide world". For a magical time the 3 of us lived in a one bedroom cabin in the forest and when we'd get into bed together at night we would all say, "This is the best part". Mom truly was the best part and truly, the best part of all of us."

I'm sending heartfelt condolences to The Twinz, Maya and Nandy McClean, the entire McClean and Moseley family and friends.  This world is truly a better place because she was in it.  Thank you for your smile, your accomplishments, your heart that welcomed people in where they had no place to go.  She will always be here...and there.-DocFB

Maureen Gwendaline Moseley

Maureen Gwendaline Moseley