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One Thing Is For Sure: Mel & Oksana Are Both Crazy

Mel Gibson and Oksana www.wireimage.com

Mel Gibson and Oksana Photo: WireImage.com

Crazy loves crazy.  Mel Gibson and Oksana Grigorieva are both crazy. 

For 30 years, Mel Gibson was married to his wife Robin with no drama.  He gets caught cheating with Oksana, a drunken mess happens in Malibu.  A month later, Robin files for divorce.  Mel still messes with the hot crazy fan Oksana for a couple of years and gets her pregnant.  

The money train is supposed to roll in for Oksana.  She tries to launch a music career funded by Mel n it just doesn't work.  She dresses hot in public and it infuriates Mel that he is turned on so he goes off on her over the phone while the entire conversation was recorded.  He drops the "N" word and you can hear Danny Glover muttering "I'm too old for this shhh."

Whoopi Golberg jumps to Mel's defense that he is not a racist.  It looks like she wants to say they were lovers at one time, but she never does. 

If that conversation wasn't real, we would be laughing that Mel is just channeling Max Max and his Lethal Weapon character.  But it's no laughing manner.  All the cards are in Oksana's corner.  Until she doesn't hold and lays another card down; that Mel hit her in the mouth while she was holding their baby.  Her front teeth were knocked out.

Her dentist and others claim the wounds to her mouth were caused by self-inflicted shots to the mouth.  Girl is crazy.  She denies it but who are you gonna believe; the hot foriegn chick or the dentist.  Money is on the dentist.

Next comes reports that Mel is dropped by his PR firm.  It seems that Mel is done with Hollywood as well and wants to go back to his homeland of Australia.  Mel's reps deny the story.

This story is not going anywhere and neither is Mel.  Oksana is trying to get full custody of their child but since those tapes won't be allowed in the courtroom and is only in the court of public opinion, and with Oksana's dentist saying she hit herself in the mouth, the odds of her getting full custody are not good. 

Let this be a leason.  Crazy loves crazy.  But sometimes being driven crazy or insane by another, no matter how attractive they are, could lead to your downfall in a very bad way.-Dr.FB


What’s Up Doc? Some Like It Hot Edition

Welcome to another editon of "What's Up Doc?" Some Like it Hot Edition.

Celeb News on Mel Gibson, Sofia Vergara, Penelope Cruz, Javier Bardem, Prince, and George Steinbrenner.

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What’s Up Doc? Love Don’t Live Here Anymore Edition

Welcome to another edition of "What's Up Doc?"  where we talk about Conan O'Brien's new deal, Eminem's return, celeb break-up round-up with Larry King, Melissa Etheridge, Mel Gibson, and the recent talk of Elin leaving Tiger.  E-L-I-N.  I will learn. 

Also, was I "flirting" with my interview subjects Agnes and Nikka Costa?  I think not but it seems you guys think I might be.

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News & Notes: To Catch A Spider

Spider-Man.  New Ways To Die.  Art By John Romita Jr. Provided By Marvel.com

Spider-Man. New Ways To Die. Art By John Romita Jr. Provided By Marvel.com

Marvel Films and Sam Rami are parting ways which means Tobey Macguire & Kirsten Dunst will no longer appear in Spider-Man 4 or any other Spider-Man movie.   There was talk that John Malkovich was going to play "The Vulture" villian in the scrapped film, which Rami wanted, while Marvel wanted a story with the "The Black Cat" villian. 

What will happen now is a reboot of the film.  In all honesty, the first 2 movies were great.  The 3rd tried to do too much and screwed up the franchise......

The Fox hit show "Glee" has been renewed for another season.  Only surprise is why in heaven did Fox take so long to announce it's coming back?.....

Mel Gibson felt the need to talk about Tiger Woods and let Tiger know he feels his pain.  Tiger's response.  Please, Mel, you don't and don't speak for me. I am an adulterer who likes waitresses and not someone who gets drunk and turns racist......

David Hasselhoff is leaving "America's Got Talent" and is being replaced by Howie Mandell.  No word yet if Howie will replace David's drunken adventures.......



Scene & Heard Baby News

Colin Farrel and actress girlfriend Alicja Bachleda gave birth to a baby boy in early October but was not confirmed or reported til this weekend. It is Colin's 2nd child and 2nd baby momma. The boy was named Henry Tadeusz Farrell.....

Mel Gibson and Oksana Grigorieva gave birth to a baby daughter on Friday, a few weeks before the due date. This is Mel's 8th kid. Yes, he is Octo-dad. Sigh. No information on the baby's name was released at this time.......



Mel Gibson With Beaver; Asks For DUI Charge To Dropped

Mel Gibson On Set Of New Movie.  Photo: SplashNewsOnline.com
Mel Gibson On Set Of New Movie.  Photo: SplashNewsOnline.com

Mel Gibson On Set Of New Movie. Photo: SplashNewsOnline.com

Mel Gibson is on set of his new movie, "The Beaver", which is being directed by and stars Jodie Foster. Mel will walk around in the movie wearing a beaver puppet on his hand. Interesting Mel took this role.

On another note, Mel Gibson will be asking for his DUI charge to be removed because he has successfully finished his 3 year probation.  TMZ has obtained the papers and reports Mel will be in court next week to have it dismissed.

Should his DUI be dismissed? Remember the racial tirade?-Dr.FB