Melanie Amaro

Melanie Amaro Performs “Earth Song” By Michael Jackson On X Factor

Melanie Amaro¬†owned Michael Jackson’s “Earth Song” on X Factor. That is not one of my fav MJ songs but she made it great to me. I always thought the video was over the top which overshadowed the message. Being able to just focus on her voice did it major justice. Loved it. Every week that […]

Review: Simon Puts Through Rachel, Drew & Melanie

Simone Battle kicked it off for Simon’s girls on X Factor and she did not fair well. Battle passing instead of Jazzlyn¬†Little at the judge’s house was surprising to me. Battle’s performance again proved to me that Simon was dead wrong about Simone. Battle lost the war and Simon deserved Reid’s comments for contestant choice […]

Melanie Amaro Covers Michael Jackson On X Factor

Melanie Amaro covered “Will You Be There” by Michael Jackson on X Factor. I was not sure about the song selection by Simon Cowell at first, but again, he chose the right song and she nailed it. Simon I think has the hardest decisions to make as his group appears to be the most talented. […]