My Take On The Golden Globes

Golden Globes

Some of the moments I remember from the Golden Globes:

Bravest Moment: Michael C. Hall accepting his award with a hat on as he fights cancer.

Interesting Moment: Mike Tyson being there with the rest of the cast from "The Hangover"

Most Faboosh: Kate Hudson

Most Dapper: Neil Patrick Harris

Most Touching Tributes To Husbands: Juliana Margolis and Sandra Bullock

Most Stunning:  Cher & Christina Aguilera together.  Hope the movie "Burlesque" rocks

Most Uncensored Moment: Colin Farrell saying "balls", then again Ricky Gervais and his penis reduction went by at 5 p.m. west coast time with no incident.

Cutest Moment: After Drew Barrymore won, kisisng Justin Long and saying "I Love You" then followed by a great speech by Drew Barrymore.

Most Awkward Moment: Jennifer Aniston & Gerard Butler looking very annoyed by each other while presenting.  It was like 2 ex lovers who never had chemistry.  Isn't it great they star as lovers in a new movie soon?

Legendary Moment: Sophia Loren looking amazing and she is one tall drink of water.

Most Interesting Dress:  Chloe Svengie who's dress seemed like a hit...and a miss all at the same time.  Poofy. 

Hot Moment:  Halle and Her Berry's presenting an award.

Most Surprising Moment: Glee beating 30 Rock

Most Unexpected Hotness: Reese Witherspoon looked amazing.  Jake must be eating his heart out.

2nd Most Surprising Moment: "The Hangover" winnign for best comedy.  Rarely does the blockbuster comedy win.

Happiest Moment For Me: Sandra Bullock winning

Man-Crush Moment:  Robert Downey Jr. Winning.  He is coolest of the cool.

Looked Surpisingly Good Moment:  Jeff Bridges

Really?....Moment:  Avatar winning best picture.

Moment Of The Night: Mo'nique winning and her amazing acceptance speech.

Any moments you remember?  Any that I missed?  Please share.-Dr.FB