My Take On The Golden Globes

Golden Globes

Some of the moments I remember from the Golden Globes:

Bravest Moment: Michael C. Hall accepting his award with a hat on as he fights cancer.

Interesting Moment: Mike Tyson being there with the rest of the cast from "The Hangover"

Most Faboosh: Kate Hudson

Most Dapper: Neil Patrick Harris

Most Touching Tributes To Husbands: Juliana Margolis and Sandra Bullock

Most Stunning:  Cher & Christina Aguilera together.  Hope the movie "Burlesque" rocks

Most Uncensored Moment: Colin Farrell saying "balls", then again Ricky Gervais and his penis reduction went by at 5 p.m. west coast time with no incident.

Cutest Moment: After Drew Barrymore won, kisisng Justin Long and saying "I Love You" then followed by a great speech by Drew Barrymore.

Most Awkward Moment: Jennifer Aniston & Gerard Butler looking very annoyed by each other while presenting.  It was like 2 ex lovers who never had chemistry.  Isn't it great they star as lovers in a new movie soon?

Legendary Moment: Sophia Loren looking amazing and she is one tall drink of water.

Most Interesting Dress:  Chloe Svengie who's dress seemed like a hit...and a miss all at the same time.  Poofy. 

Hot Moment:  Halle and Her Berry's presenting an award.

Most Surprising Moment: Glee beating 30 Rock

Most Unexpected Hotness: Reese Witherspoon looked amazing.  Jake must be eating his heart out.

2nd Most Surprising Moment: "The Hangover" winnign for best comedy.  Rarely does the blockbuster comedy win.

Happiest Moment For Me: Sandra Bullock winning

Man-Crush Moment:  Robert Downey Jr. Winning.  He is coolest of the cool.

Looked Surpisingly Good Moment:  Jeff Bridges

Really?....Moment:  Avatar winning best picture.

Moment Of The Night: Mo'nique winning and her amazing acceptance speech.

Any moments you remember?  Any that I missed?  Please share.-Dr.FB

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  1. Gervais was brilliant. He’s my choice to replace Simon on American Idol (not that anyone asked).

    Mo’Nique is a fraud. I was pulling for that pretentious hack to lose. Now she’ll NEVER go away.

    Loved that Mel Gibson took Gervais’ intro in stride (or even agreed to it).

  2. I haven’t seen Avatar, just doesn’t appeal to me for some reason. So I was really hoping Precious would take home best picture. I was thrilled when Mo’nique won, her speech was moving.

    Don’t forget Gervais’ serious clown on Mel Gibson and his drinking problem when he introduced Gibson. Ouch! I loved watching Gervais connect with each person as he walked offstage and they came onstage – sort of “You know I was just joking, right?!?!?”

    Mickey Rourke seemed as incomprehensible as ever. He is just an odd guy.

    I really wanted Modern Family to win Best Comedy series but I suppose Glee is more groundbreaking in a lot of ways. Not my cup of tea but I know a lot of people like it. Maybe MF can take it next year. They are my favorite new show on TV.

  3. How cool, yet strange…I totally agree with you on every point. I watched just because of you!

  4. I think for the first time ever this has completely past me by…..

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