Therapy! EMINEM Releases “Monster” Video Featuring RIHANNA!

EMINEM has just released the video for “Monster” featuring Rihanna. Eminem appears to be going through his greatest hits showing him performing with Elton John and then recreates his “My Name Is” video where he is in a straight jacket with Dr. Dre looking over him again. Em then goes back to 8 Mile to […]

EMINEM & Rihanna Set To Make “Monster” Video

It looks like “Monster” by EMINEM and RIHANNA will be the next single from EMINEM’s new album “MMLP2”. There hasn’t exactly been a smash hit yet for Em but the album is almost at the 1 million mark after 2 weeks of sales, which is impressive in today’s album sales. Eminem and Rihanna both posted […]

Adam Lambert Shows Up At Nikka Costa Show In NY (Photos!)

Adam Lambert @ Nikka Costa Show July 2011 Exclusive Photo

Ok, Lambert’s, as we told you on Twitter, we had the best Adam Lambert shots we could get as he attended Nikka Costa’s gig in New York Thursday night.  I said best we could get for a reason.  Anyone else, we would not even post these shots! Adam attended Nikka Costa’s gig in New York and […]

Video: “Monster” By Skillet

Here is the new video by Skillet entitled “Monster” and it is differnet then the music I mostly feature but let me know what you think. -Dr.FB