mothers day

Scene & Heard: So Britney Spears Walks Into A Gay Bar…

Britney Spears sent her kids to Disneyland for Mother’s Day and Brit Brit went to Robertson Avenue to go shopping and then go the gay dive bar, “The Abbey” where Jaime Pressley got so drunk last year, she peed on the ground…. What can I say?  Class knows class.-Dr.FB

Live From New York….It’s Betty White!

Betty White.

It’s official!  Betty White will be hosting Saturday Night Live on May 8th.    It will be the Mother’s Day episode and is already going to have 6 former female cast members on the show and we imagine a boatload of guest stars.    She can thank A Facebook campaign that was kicked off after her Snickers […]

Happy Mother’s Day

Hope all the moms and women in the world had a great mother’s day filled with happiness and joy and flowers. Mom, whereever you are at….Happy Mother’s Day.-Dr.FB

Video: SNL’s “Motherlover” w.Justin Timberlake

Hope everyone is having a happy Mother’s Day. It’s the return of the “Di** In The Box” guys and this time, they love each other’s mothers. No need to say anymore. Just hope you enjoy. There was several great skits on the show last night as well. Anyone know who the other mother is in […]