Paisley Park By Nick Scribner Paisley Park, Prince's recording studio, will now be a museum and it will be opening a lot faster than anyone anticipated with tickets going on sale this Friday, August 26th. The Core Media Group, which runs Graceland, will now be running Paisley Park. The Core Media Group owns 85% percent of the rights to the name, image and likeness of Elvis Presley, and the operations of Graceland. Right now, they will be just running Paisley Park for the next four years at least. The Core Media Group could pay cash immediately to the estate which is in desperate need of funds, which we reported earlier this month. Not including July or August, legal fees already totaled $2 million dollars. Also, the family will start getting money which is one of the main concerns. Tyka Nelson, Prince's sister had this to say about Paisley Park being turned into a Museum; For the FULL article, click here!!!