My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy

Video Premiere: Kanye West Runaway (Uncensored)

Here it is. The return of Kanye West with his video “Runaway” in it’s 30 plus minute video form. There is other songs from his upcoming CD “”My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy” which will be released on November 22nd. What is every one’s fascination with ballerina’s all of a sudden?  Ha! Check it out above […]

Did Kanye West Pull The “Covers” On Us?

Kanye West CD Cover "My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy"

It all started on Sunday with Kanye West saying his new CD cover was being banned in several places including Wal-Mart.   Wal-Mart has released a statement that they did not even see the artwork in question and did not ban it.  Here is Wal-Mart’s official statement they gave to Entertainment Weekly; “We’re excited about Kanye […]