Katy Perry Explains Her Nail “Brand”

Katy Perry's Hands. Photo: Katy Perry

So why did Katy Perry have Russel Brand on her fingernails?  It was a 1 year anniversary tribute to her and Russell meeting at the MTV Video Music Awards. Russell could not be at the event, so Katy did it for Russell to be there in spirit.  How sweet.  She even commented on the award […]

Katy Perry Gives Russell Brand Her Finger At The MTV Awards

Katy Perry Photo:

Katy Perry looked stunning at the MTV Awards white carpet with what looked like a see-through top but again, she was just teasing us with those luscious breasts of hers. Katy tweeted the night before she would be in New York, but she tricked us.  She is not performing since she performed at the Teen Choice Awards […]