What Happened To The Van Halen Reunion On Grammy Special???

Van Halen. Promo Photo
Van Halen. Promo Photo

Van Halen. Promo Photo

It was touted for weeks as the return of one of the biggest bands ever and when it came time for the show......they were a no-show. Van Halen, where were you?

Van Halen was to announce their reunion at the Grammy Nomination Special last night.  The show came and went without a mention of them.  They are even supposed to perform together at the Grammys Feb. 12th, 2012.

The Recording Academy President Neil Partnow had this to say regarding the no-show:

“In the world of creativity, everything is fluid ... there was the  expectation that the artist involved and we would be ready to announce, but the  artist was not quite ready.

“We were genuine about the intention and discussion (but) the time frame has  moved,”

This is, quite simply, pathetic.  Did David Lee Roth not get the extensions on time for his hair-line?  Did Eddie Van Halen squabble with Dave and want to bring Sammy Hagar back in the mix.  Were they reaching out to Marc Anthony instead of Michael Anthony but decided to stay with Wolfgang Van Halen?

I feel duped because I was given the story to tease and it is unprofessional.   From Van Halen to the Grammy board to tease it and then not mention it all during the show.  Lame.

They have two months to get their crap together before the Grammys on Feb. 12th.  The question is, can they do it?-DocFB

Diagnosis:  This news makes me want to jump...and choke Eddie.