New Madonna Super Bowl Commercial Released! Watch Now!

NBC has officially released this new teaser for the Super Bowl Half Time Show.  Unlike the original commercial, this actually features Madonna concert footage.

It features "Vogue", "Lucky Star" and "Music"  in the :29 second ad.  Come on!  You know she will be performing "4 Minutes" over "Vogue" but I can see "Music" and "Lucky Star" being in the performance.

Madonna still has yet to talk publicly on camera about the performance.  Madonna will be holding a press conference February 2nd where she will hopefully reveal more.  The press conference will be held in Indianapolis, Indiana, the site of the Super Bowl.

Although the commercial is brief, i do like that they used concert footage this time instead of old videos.  What do you think of the new ad?-DocFB

Diagnosis:  Seriously.....she has to do "4 Minutes"......


New Old Spice Body Wash Commercial

Man, these Old Spice commercials are too much! I know you are all digging on them, so here is the new one that is almost as good as the "Smell Like A Man, Man" commercial.

Are the ads making you buy Old Spice?-Dr.FB