New Old Spice Body Wash Commercial

Man, these Old Spice commercials are too much! I know you are all digging on them, so here is the new one that is almost as good as the "Smell Like A Man, Man" commercial.

Are the ads making you buy Old Spice?-Dr.FB

Comments (5)
  1. Hell, yeah! I’m buying some. Is is going to make my man LOOK like that too? lol

  2. Cute commercial, lol. The screaming ones would be better if he wasn’t screaming1 lol

  3. So glad to see that they went back to something that actually works. Those ads with the screaming dude in them were weird.

  4. These commercials has made this dude a star. This one is just as good as the first one…..

  5. LOL …. I love the Old Spice commercials … this one is good … but I like the first one better .

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