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Are Kanye & Jay Z Battling For “The Throne” Now?

Kanye West & Jay Z File Photo

Even though Kanye West and Jay Z showed up to their listening party last night, we are hearing there is trouble over the “Watch The Throne” CD and tour.  Even Kanye had to admit there is something going on. Kanye said “Yea, we are butting heads a little bit but it is all good.” What […]

The New York Post Goes Afer Obama For Flip Flops

President Barack Obama. Photo:

Man, it must be a slow news day.  Either that, or people did not want to talk about Lindsay Slowhands Lohan today.  So, the New York Post  goes after the celebrity President Barack Obama for wearing flip-flops. While vacationing in Hawaii, President Obama was spotted wearing shorts and flip flops and it seems it’s a big […]

Debbie Rowe Is NOT Taking Payout Over Kids

Despite a report from the New York Post, (the New York Post people come on!) Debbie Rowe is NOT taking a $ 4 million dollar payout over the kids to let Katherine Jackson be their guardian. I must admit, it seems the Debbie Rowe stories coming out, and there are a lot of them, all […]