Nick Lachey

Jessica Simpson Gets Gassy

If you ever have to sit with Jessica Simpson at a table…you may not want to sit next to her or behind her.  Girl admists she has gassy issues in public situations.  In the latest issue of US Weekly, someone outted Jessica for her smelly little poots that she did in a business meeting.  “While […]

Jessica Simpson Keeps On Touring

Jessica Simpson is stronger than we think.  Despite the reports of her figure, and an attack on her country music, she keeps pushing forward. She seems to have lost some of what was a major fuss of last week while performing in Charleston, West Virgina.  I have a question; all these celebs defending Jessica including […]

Tony Romo Saved Jessica Simpson

In a new interview with Cosmopolitan, Jessica Simpson talks about all things Romo again. She says if she were to wed the Dallas Cowboys Quarterback, it would be her last marriage.  In fact, she says her next marriage will be her last one, whoever it is. “I’d always fall for guys I wanted to save, […]