Nikka Costa Leads With Her Chin With Black Keys Cover “Lonely Girls”

Nikka Costa returned to Nikka's box to cover "Lonely Girls" a Black Keys cover with Lucy Woodward.

Even upside down, Nikka rocks! it is funny, it is hot, and we want it for download dang-it!

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Video: Little Nikka Rocks The Box; New Tour Dates

Nikka Costa is going through submissions in her box with a contest that she called "Wanna Rock The Box" and she had to share one of the submissions on her box this week.

It is quite cool and cute. Little Nikka sure is rocking it!

We wonder who Nikka will choose to rock her box with her.  The contest ended on April 5th and there should be a winner sometime next week.

Nikka will be on tour in the month of May hitting up Los Angeles, New York, New Jersey, DC, MD, PA, and Ma.

For tour dates and tickets, click HERE!!!!

Make sure to check Nikka out if she is playing in your city.  One of the best live acts out there.-DocFB


Nikka Costa Wants To Know Who’s Loving You?

Nikka Costa is starting the new year off by singing "Who's Loving You" off her rare album "Butterfly Rocket" by request.

Nikka performs a stripped down version of it with just her, her guitar, and the camera.  When you have talent like that, that's all you need.

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Diagnosis:  #Teamfunkenberry 2012


Nikka Costa Is Funkier Than A Mosquito’s Tweeter

With everything going on last month, I missed Nikka Costa posting "Funkier Than A Mosquito's Tweeter" in her box.

Nikka does post videos about once a week, usually on a Tuesday on youtube on her channel which she calls Nikka's Box.

This version of "Funkier Than A Mosquito's Tweeter" is short but funky and you can't go wrong with it featuring Satnam Ramgotra laying down the beat.

Enjoy it funky ones!-DocFB

Diagnosis:  Classic jam.


We Go Into Nikka’s Box For “Can’t Never Did Nothin’

It has been a while since we have shown Nikka Costa some love as she has been giving us some funk lately.

Nikka's Box is Nikka's youtube channel where every week, she gives you something from her box.  Here is a totally funky version of "Can't Never Did Nothin' jamming with Josh Lopez.

Loving it!  Hope you do too.-DocFB

Diagnosis:  That WAS great!


Nikka Costa Performs “Just Because” By Request

Nikka Costa took us into her box again performing "Just Because" on the boards for us by request.

In case you didn't know, Nikka adds a new video to Nikka's Box every Tuesday.  Usually some fun, funky stuff, and intimate live performaces, like this one.

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Diagnosis:  We Love Her Just Because


Nikka Costa Doesn’t See “Some Kind Of Beautiful” In The Mirror

The latest Nikka's Box Is a reflection of Nikka Costa that no one wants to see back at them. With Nikka and Brian Gattas though, its kind of fun.

Check out how Nikka conquers her mirror image and let's us see "Some Kind Of Beautiful" in her life.

The ending though, is funky....for no reason.

Ahh. There you are.-DocFB

Diagnosis: Nice To See You, Too!


Nikka Costa Takes Us Into Her Box For A Soundcheck

Nikka Costa brought the funk into her BOX again.  This time jamming on "On & On" in soundcheck.

The soundcheck is from the Del Monte Speak Easy, which she played for $10 last friday night and will be playing for the next 2 Friday's.  We hear each show will have a different set list.

Her friend Jenna Elfman who did "Go The F*** To Sleep" with Nikka was there to take in the show.

For more info on the 2 shows coming up, make sure to check out Nikka's Facebook Fan Page right HERE!

Check out the funk of Nikka Costa and if you can, check out Nikka's shows in Venice!-DocFB

Diagnosis:  Didn't Even Know Bout Nikka's Show Til After The 1st One went "On & On"


Nikka Costa & Jenna Elfman Want You To “Go The F*** To Sleep”

Nikka Costa and Jenna Elfman partied in Nikka's Box and came up with this gem.

"Go The F*** To Sleep" is funny...and if they were singing it to me that way, I might just hide my head under the covers and "Go The F*** To Sleep"....for real.

There really is a book called that and can purchase it at: http://gotheftosleep.com/

Thank you Nikka and Jenna for the laugh.  You guys rock.-DocFB

Diagnosis:  The Doc Never Goes The F To Sleep...Look At The Time I Tweet!