Penelope Cruz Gets A Nine

Penelope Cruz dazzled on the red carpet of the SAG Awards.  She was nominated for her work in “Nine” but she did not win.  We are sure dressed like that, she did not leave home empty-handed.  Javier Bardem, where were you?-Dr.FB

“Avatar” Continues Streak As Box Office Has Record-Breaking Weekend

“Avatar” holds on to the number 1 spot at the box office despite a big Christmas opening for Robert Downey Jr.’s “Sherlock Holmes” and the box office had it’s highest total in quite some time.  Over the 3 day weekend, people bought about $278 million in tickets, which was more than the $261 million that […]

Nicole, You Have A Little Something Right…There

What in the world happened to Nicole Kidman?  She showed up to the premiere of “Nine” in New York with a grip of powder all over her face. How does that happen when you hit the red carpet?  How does one of her peeps not see it?  A friend? A costar? Couldn’t a pap have […]

Penelope IS A “Nine”

Penelope Cruz was a “Nine” last night at the “Nine” premiere, as earlier in the day, the movie garnered 6 Golden Globe Nominations. Penelope was the lady in red at the event with a smile that is warming us up in this cold winter.  As much as there has been praise thrown at this movie, […]

Kate Hudson Attends “Nine”

Kate Hudson looked lovely at the “Nine” premiere in New York city last night.  I am being Mr. Obvious here about how she looked. Being Mr. Obvious that I am, I must tell you that Alex Rodriguez was not there with her.  Don’t you just love Mr. Obvious? i just thought sounds better than […]