House Of Blues On The Sunset Strip To Be Closed Down

House Of Blues Sunset. Photo: WATG.com
House Of Blues Sunset. Photo: WATG.com

House Of Blues Sunset. Photo: WATG.com

Sad news.  The House Of Blues lost a vote to the city council 4-1 to keep the venue past it's 2012 least. 

The council cited loud music (coming from a live music club?  Really?) and unruly crowds.  In the club's 16 year existence, there was a stabbing 4 years ago but that event was played up.

An industry insider said the writing has been on the wall for HOB Sunset for a while;

"The parking situation there is a disaster and then lots in the area take advantage of that charging $20 per car where on other places on Sunset only charge $7-10 bucks.  They haven't been booking the acts they were famous for and are getting outbid by Nokia Club and other venues. 

"The House Of Blues was approached to move the club to the Nokia Center but refused thinking they would get their lease renewed by the city."

The city plans on making the space into a hotel complex.-Dr.FB


Prince Concert News; Feb. 28th Show In L.A.

This is an update of the story from Tuesday about the Icon, PRINCE playing a benefit concert for Tavis Smiley's  Annual State Of The Black Union Symposium.

We found out a couple of hours ago that the show will be at the Conga Room In L.A. at the Nokia Center. (We took a while to post to make sure everything was on the up n up.) The show is scheduled to start at 8 P.M.

Tix will be $300 (seated) and $150 (standing room general admission) and there is a 4 ticket limit.

You can purchase the tickets here.

I have never heard of this site before but went through it all without purchasing the tickets. It seems secure but be careful is all I can say.  Anyone wanna pick up my ticket tab? =-)

Please keep in mind, it is a benefit concert. Hope some of you can attend in this economy.-Dr.FB