Prince Concert News; Feb. 28th Show In L.A.

This is an update of the story from Tuesday about the Icon, PRINCE playing a benefit concert for Tavis Smiley's  Annual State Of The Black Union Symposium.

We found out a couple of hours ago that the show will be at the Conga Room In L.A. at the Nokia Center. (We took a while to post to make sure everything was on the up n up.) The show is scheduled to start at 8 P.M.

Tix will be $300 (seated) and $150 (standing room general admission) and there is a 4 ticket limit.

You can purchase the tickets here.

I have never heard of this site before but went through it all without purchasing the tickets. It seems secure but be careful is all I can say.  Anyone wanna pick up my ticket tab? =-)

Please keep in mind, it is a benefit concert. Hope some of you can attend in this economy.-Dr.FB

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  1. Prince at the legendary Conga Room…L.A./California fams gonna be dancin all night long. I hope everyone has a good time.

  2. Any idea how many folks the place holds and how tickets are selling?

  3. if this was last sundays show, I would say you would be fine.

    Since this is a different kind of concert, it may actually start closer to the time given. Not on time but def not 2 hours late.

    Only recommendation I could make is either work earlier or get off work earlier. 🙂

    Hope that helps somewhat n hope you can attend.

  4. Do you know if Prince will actually start performing at 8:00? Don’t get off work until 9:00.

  5. G-money…..sent…..

  6. Yay Prince is spoiling his LA fans.Y’all have lots of funky FUN.

    Doc I Love the way U write Prince in pink lol

  7. Another chance for him to proof he can play his own songs.
    But get ready for some Cars and Jimmy Eat World

  8. I wanna go to L.A. (sigh) . Have fun Prince and band. Hugs..

  9. katie hit me up @ revreynolds@gmail.com (with a pic!) and I’ll send u mine

  10. Hey G-money did you find someone to go with you yet??? I would love to go.

  11. Thanks dr funk got my table who shoot iwent last sunday too love me some prince

  12. just got mine!!! now I need a date (females only please)

  13. Damn, 4 a minute I thought u said Jeffrey Osbourne WOULD be there, I was hoping 2 finally hear that “On The Wings Of Love” or “The Woo Woo song” duet with Prince, oh well =P Any truth 2 the rumor the J. Geils Band will be there?? LOL!

  14. Almost went in to the Conga Room after the Tina Marie/Time concert.But the doorman seemed a bit unsure about the festivities going on inside.So we bounced!lol If I only could have stayed another week! Nashville is waiting for our turn!Be easy DR.F! 😉

  15. Thanks for the news Dr. FB, keep up the good work!

  16. thanks for the news mister funk.

    “Union” is a beautiful word.

    may those who attend enjoy a lovely evening

    and for those whom benefit, truly benefit.


  17. wait mrs. nelson and sbacon1999 are you two comin all the way back down here agian for this show?

  18. is that Prince on the picture?!

  19. Man, I hope I am not making a mistake waiting…..=-/

  20. hahaha. Ur funny, Doc! Okay, I just purchased a ticket! Breathe, Cheryl, Breathe…

  21. I should say only Prince as of right now, meaning who knows if he brings Sheila E. or something. It won’t be like Jeffrey Osbourne ya know.

  22. Is Prince the only 1 performing, or r there others since this is a benefit concert?

  23. WOOT WOOT! L.A. here I come. Thanks Doc!

  24. I’m lovin’ me some Dr.F right now!!!!!!

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