Prince’s “Dance 4 Me” Still Dominating British Dance Charts

Prince Dance 4 Me
Prince Dance 4 Me

Prince Dance 4 Me

Prince's "Dance 4 Me" is still in the top ten British Dance Charts after a week at number 1 last week.

The song has dropped to number 6 but is still in heavy rotation on radio stations overseas. He is ahead of Skrillex, the soon to be king of the dance charts in the U.S. and kept David Guetta out of the number 1 spot til this week.

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For the Purple Music label to do this with no real promotion from Prince and no video is somewhat of a testament. Yes, it is not US charts let alone pop charts, but the Purple Music Label is a dance label...and they got him to number 1.

They are releasing remixes of "2nite" by Bria Valente on Feb. 23rd.  Bria is a Prince protege and is from her 2009 album, "Elixir" which was packaged with Prince's latest CD at the time, Lotusflow3r.

It would be nice if US radio stations were not so monopolized and would have given Prince a fair shake.  The man cannot get any of his new stuff on mainstream radio because of that and also not dealing with major record labels.  When he does deal with major labels, it is for distribution and since Prince keeps his masters and a majority of the profits, there is not enough push to get him on radio as there would be with someone new in the game that they can make a huge profit off of.

So, props to Prince for being able to hit number 1 on the British Dance Charts.  It shows when the system is fair, anyone can dance.  For you.  Or for me.-DocFB

Diagnosis:  Check out the mixes below:

Prince "Dance 4 Me" by Purple Music

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  1. Do your thing P

  2. great song!

  3. awful song

  4. Absolutely LOVE this song.. 🙂

  5. Glad to see the Purple Man get some chart success again.

  6. Down to number 6?

  7. Gr8 song. I play it in the mornings b4 work

  8. Basking in the funk of that joint!

  9. U go Prince.

  10. Hallelujah! 🙂

  11. Great NEWS..thanks Doc!

  12. thanx 4 letting us know…yeah, this proves, this guy still can have a hit without selling his ass to the industry 4 the sake of money, fame and fortune…well i looove this song, it’s the best on the MPLS album besides of ol# skool company…the kind of prince song that i’ve been beggin’ for YEARS! but as good this is, so f###d up are those remixes…now, i can see this b###-grooves are needed nowadays to please the ordinary club visitors, but every single mix is basically the same lame 4/4-crap…why not having some more electro-type stuff, like the cover suggests? and why NOW? 3 years after the album release? i’m certainly down with his open war against media-industry and his tactics, but lately, even i start to shake my head…that move denying the TIME 2 use their proper name is NONSENSE…as long as the original version DOES get airplay (i guess they have 2 play it, if it#s so high up in the dance charts) it’s cool, but the other mixes are not ‘prince’ they are simply david guetta without david guetta…and guetta SUCKS!

  13. thank you so very much drfunkenberry for your continued support & letting us know how prince is being screwed. i have the 12″ of this record along with the picture disc. can’t wait for the new album. prince should let his fans handle things for him, at least you know it’s done right & will spread the word. i volunteer. thanks & god bless

  14. Prince is a hard working musical genius, but it can get frustrating waiting for him to release new things…

    At least he dominated his brilliant Super Bowl performance and did not share his stage as Madonna shared her stage with many others…

    C’mon Prince, the world wants more of your creativity. Reach us through television, radio, the internet, by means not yet discovered…

    “Dance 4 Me” is a nice track. Please give the world more.

  15. Wow, I thought this had been forgoten. nice to hear about its chart success.

    I met David Alexander the other day– he’s a one cool cat.

  16. This was a good idea. I always felt some tracks on Lotusflow3r got lost. “Dance 4 me” was one of them..

    Congrats to Prince & Purple Music. Maybe they will distribute his new album..

  17. Brian Matrix Da Big Room <333

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